Facials and Skin Treatments

These facials have been adapted to reduce the risk of COVID-19, while still producing rejuvenating results. Your esthetician will wear a mask, gloves, face shield or goggles. She will be in the room for a shorter time. Hot towels will be used instead of steam, compresses in place of sprays. We ask that conversation be limited once the client removes their mask.

This our version of the lunch hour peel. No down time and glowing skin make this a must have. 45 to 50 minutes.



Express Best of Everything



Express “Wellness is Beautiful” (procedure done with only the esthetician wearing a mask)

Reveal and repair your skin with this new treatment that begins with a deep cleansing, exfoliating peel. Microdermabrasion takes this to the next level to achieve optimal smoothing. Extractions to rid the pores of anything left behind. Next, 20 to 30 minutes of red or blue LED light depending on your skin care goals to repair the tissues and control breakouts. Serums, moisture and a restorative sinus massage will lock in the benefits and leave you feeling glowing and relaxed. 60 minutes ( 30 with the esthetician in the room, and 30 under the light )



New skin services:

Around the Mask treatments: these lovely and rejuvenating services have been designed by Epicuren to keep the risk of COVID-19 to a minimum

Uplifting Eyes- 30 minutes

Let us refresh tired stressed eyes with an uplifting eye mask treatment. Peptides, antioxidants, and a mineral mask will tighten, brighten and invigorate your eyes leaving them looking dreamy.

$ 45


Soothing eyes- 30 minutes

Erase tired, irritated eyes with a calming and soothing eye treatment, leaving your eyes feeling fresh and bright.



Tighten Up Neck Treatment -50 minutes

Concerned with saggy, wrinkled, dehydrated skin on your neck and décolleté? This treatment works ‘around the mask’ to strengthen, firm and hydrate the neck and décolleté area. Peptides and plant stem cells work to visibly firm and smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles.


Positive Aging Guidance with Ann Alesio, co-found esthetician

Digital Positive Aging Package  Duration:  60 days

Designed for those of you who just don’t feel comfortable venturing out into the world yet, here is what I am offering:
Initial complimentary  digital consultation via FaceTime or Zoom to assess needs and goals
20% off initial skin care investment, including gifts with purchase and home delivery.  That includes home delivery of anything purchased.
Eight 15 minute digital consultations or four 30 minute consultations to assess progress and learn more about self care at home with your new skin care ritual, ways to reduce stress, gentle daily detox tips through the food you eat, or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with me. For more info, click HERE.



Ultimate Positive Aging Package – Duration: 90 days (with consultation to assess)

What you will experience:
Upon committing to the package you will receive an exclusive welcome bag with skincare and lifestyle gifts.
For all of the in spa services , you will be the first client of my day to keep contact risk as low as possible
You will receive 20% off of your initial investment in skin care plus gifts with your purchase. Includes home delivery on anything purchased throughout.
The first service will the “Wellness is Beautiful “ facial. This is where I get to know your skin and customize your home care to meet desired goals.  For more information, please  see the description for this treatment on the “skin treatment” page.
You will receive three Zero Balancing sessions, the first one is complimentary and the next two are included in the package price.
You will receive one Platinum Hydrafacial, this includes a booster, lymphatic drainage, and LED skin rejuvenation.
You will receive four 15 minute digital check ins, or two 30 minute digital checking to assess progress, ask questions, learn about ways to reduce stress at home, ways to detox gently on a daily basis through the foods you eat, or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with me. For more info, click HERE.

Additional services are available and can be customized. These will be sold separately