• White Cloud - Haku-un A fragrance inspired by the image of white clouds in a blue sky.  
  • From every batch incausa sets aside a number of "seconds", pieces that have unique expressions from the wood-kiln firing, with blemishes and sometimes small cracks.
  • Sale!
    An exclusive 12-piece set-the perfect gift for clean beauty lovers to enjoy this holiday and all year round. A $153 value for $125  
  • Tote bag

    It's TOTE-lly cool to use this bag for just about anything since it is made out of durable denim! Plus it features our illustration of the upside down happy face! Yay!  
  • Each tiny fluorite pyramid not only boasts a gorgeous array of colors but it is suggested that they are very powerful stones. Fluorite is rumored to have the ability to neutralize a room of negative energy allowing for other stones to perform more efficiently. Basically it operates as the perfect sidekick, clearing out the bad stuff making way for accompanying stones to do their magic. Alternatively regardless of what you believe the shape of the stone makes a great ring holder. And when situated in a window, if it catches light through the more translucent areas of the pyramid, it casts a lovely colored shadow.
  • The No Tox Life DISH BLOCK® is a perfect alternative to plastic bottles of dish soap. Simply wet your sponge or brush, rub on the DISH BLOCK® and suds up your dishes as usual! Palm oil free, vegan.
  • Share itty-bitty versions of our famous Surprize Balls! With 4 special prizes hidden inside, these precious mini surprise Balls are especially decorated in silver & gold, and contain the same fun and excitement as original Surprize Balls. Simply unwind and celebrate ...perfect to keep on hand as last minute gifts or guest entertainment! $7.00 each
  • “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” ― Gloria Steinem MATERIALS small brass key tag measures 1 in diameter. Includes a lead free split ring. $15.00
  • Some say VIBES speak louder than words. ― Gloria Steinem MATERIALS small brass key tag measures 1 in diameter. Includes a lead free split ring. $15.00
  • FUCK IT. Basically our life motto. MATERIALS Small brass key tag measures 1” in diameter. Includes a lead free. $15.00 GIFT IDEA With a ribbon or twine of your choosing tie this FUCK IT keychain on to whatever their vice may be… it never fails to impress as a clever presentation!
  • Sitting Zen Sitting Zen is a perfect companion for meditation and quiet reflection. A calming blend of sandalwood, clove and cinnamon provides a respectful, unobtrusive atmosphere.
  • Brighten your day with a Rainbow Stained Glass.  A cheerful window ornament and some mood lifting Rescue Plus lozenges will perk you or friend right up!


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