Positive Aging Guidance with Ann Alesio, co-founder of Bella and esthetician

Digital Positive Aging Package  Duration:  60 days

Designed for those of you who just don’t feel comfortable venturing out into the world yet, here is what I am offering:
Initial complimentary  digital consultation via FaceTime or Zoom to assess needs and goals
20% off initial skin care investment, including gifts with purchase and home delivery.  That includes home delivery of anything purchased.
Eight 15 minute digital consultations or four 30 minute consultations to assess progress and learn more about self care at home with your new skin care ritual, ways to reduce stress, gentle daily detox tips through the food you eat, or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with me.



Ultimate Positive Aging Package – Duration: 90 days (with consultation to assess)

What you will experience:
Upon committing to the package you will receive an exclusive welcome bag with skincare and lifestyle gifts.
For all of the in spa services , you will be the first client of my day to keep contact risk as low as possible
You will receive 20% off of your initial investment in skin care plus gifts with your purchase. Includes home delivery on anything purchased throughout.
The first service will the “Wellness is Beautiful “ facial. This is where I get to know your skin and customize your home care to meet desired goals.  For more information, please  see the description for this treatment on the “skin treatment” page.
You will receive three Zero Balancing sessions, the first one is complimentary and the next two are included in the package price.
You will receive one Platinum Hydrafacial, this includes a booster, lymphatic drainage, and LED skin rejuvenation.
You will receive four 15 minute digital check ins, or two 30 minute digital checking to assess progress, ask questions, learn about ways to reduce stress at home, ways to detox gently on a daily basis through the foods you eat, or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with me.

Additional services are available and can be customized. These will be sold separately



About Ann Alesio

Blossoming with Age to Thrive

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength” Betty Friedan

Hello Friends! I am Ann Alesio, co-founder of and esthetician here at Bella Spa. I have over thirty years of experience in the beauty, fashion and wellness worlds. I am 54 years old and have seen many changes in the way aging is approached, particularly for women. Most of us are familiar with the term “anti-aging”. It is splashed across ads, skincare packaging, articles and news pieces. One literally can’t get away from it!

What does the term “anti-aging” mean to us in a most subtle way? In my opinion, it plays on the stress and fear of growing older. The truth is, we have no choice about growing older- but we can still shift our thinking- change our strategy, and let go of the fear we may have of aging. After all, fear is a stress response which causes the body to break down over time. If you’re like me, you are weary of this message. If you are ready to embrace aging in a positive way, then let’s get to know each other!

I have created two packages for women who are serious about investing in themselves for more confidence, better health and less stress. The first package contains my ideal guidelines to get you started. The second is unstructured and customizable to suit your individual concerns and budget. You can find the details and pricing on our menu at bellabodyworks.com in the drop down service menu, then click on Positive Aging Guidance. I will share my knowledge of advanced skin treatments and professional products, healthy diet, Zero Balancing (see more information in my bio below), fashion, style and makeup tips, personal aging experiences and resources – other professional women who have helped to guide me.

My story-

I was born in 1966, and raised the oldest of 6 children in a close knit family of Lincoln, Nebraska. I graduated with a bachelor’s, degree from UNL’s College of Education and Human Resources, with a major in Textiles, Clothing and Design in 1990. I Became a licensed esthetician at Capitol School of Esthetics in 1997, and co-founded Bella Spa and Apothecary with Tara Burcher in 2000.

I have been studying Zero Balancing for over 10 years and incorporate it into all of my treatments. ZB is a method of bodywork that uses structure and energy to release tension at the bone level. It is very relaxing and has been shown to reduce stress by 64%! For more information see zerobalancing.com

I am a skin care product and treatment enthusiast and have found Yonka and Epicuren to be solid skin and body care lines that deliver lasting results. The cornerstone of my advanced facials involve a customized use of enzymes, peels, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, microcurrent, and Hydrafacial. I LOVE makeup and especially adore the Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics line that we feature at Bella. This is makeup that acts like skincare, and protects from the sun – the best age defense going.

I am a collector of fashion and accessories both new and vintage. It has always been a passion of mine and I truly enjoy this form of self expression. I would be honored to help you enhance your appearance at this level too. Feeling confident in your clothes one of the best ways to emanate positive energy for yourself and those around you.  I have just added Bella Curations to our retail collection. I have personally hand picked vintage and current clothing and accessories to help round out your style. Look for these items and more in our Instagram feed @bella_bodyworks

I am a firm believer in exercise and food as medicine to age positively. I practice yoga almost daily, follow an Ayurvedic guide for diet and herbal supplements with Cary Twomey, Founder of Midwest Dharma Wheel here in Lincoln. Together we have been able to get to the root cause of my endometriosis until I reached menopause. Now we are keeping my hormones balanced and life is pain free and amazing. That stated, I haven’t always had a healthy lifestyle . I spent many years over indulging in the wrong foods, consuming too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, and not managing my stress. Lucky for me I have good genes so those habits didn’t show up on my skin or in my body- or so I thought! It wasn’t until I made easy to follow everyday changes, that I would see how much better I could feel and look. I would love to share with you what to me have been life changing tools on this journey of aging.
My greatest wish is to offer you a unique kind of spa experience that will enhance your aging path to blossom and thrive. For more information, please contact me at 402-304-2793

Ann Alesio, co-owner and licensed esthetician