Massage Therapy

Relaxing, healing bodywork

Our massages are designed as therapeutic treatments, releasing stress and tension and helping you feel your best. Feel the day melt away with the touch of our licensed, nationally certified therapists and soothing aromatherapy.

Choose one of our exclusive therapies below, or see the chart below for deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, sports and hot stone massages. Add a Be Well, Dead Sea Salt Glow or Bella Caf Coffee and Sugar Scrub exfoliation treatment to your massage and save $15.

Standard Massages

Prices for massages and bodywork:

30 minutes $50.00*
45 minutes $65.00*
60 minutes $85.00*
75 minutes $95.00*
90 minutes $115.00*

*These prices extend to prenatal massages as well.

We price our standard massages by time and invite you to consult with your therapist on which type of massage or combination of massage techniques would be best for you. Our therapists are trained in the following modalities:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Neuromuscular
  • Myofascial
  • Sports
  • Pre-Natal
  • Craniosacral

Bella Specialty Massages


Simple yet powerful, Zero-balancing is on the cutting edge of body/mind therapy. Using informed-skilled touch to promote internal balance and harmony and release stress and tension on a deeper level, Zero-balancing will give you a sense of well-being and maximum relaxation.

Performed by owners Ann Alesio and Tara Burcher

30-40 minutes | $85.00

Muscle Relief

Seeking relief from Fibromyalgia, arthritis or over-used muscles Our Muscle Relief massage uses Bella’s own Pain Relief essential oil synergy and a special poultice of ginger or seaweed on the afflicted areas.

60 minutes | $88.00

Rescue Massage

If you feel the need for some serious comfort, nurturing or calming, this is the session for you. Before your massage, we give you a Bach Flower remedy elixir to drink. Our Rescue Massage uses our own Dream essential oil synergy and hot stones for grounding.

75 minutes | $88.00