Healing Arts

with Norene Lackey

Light Language Healing Session

60 Minutes


Light Language is the multidimensional language of Spirit. During a Light Language healing session, I will sing and chant light codes that are channeled from the heart. These light codes are meant to touch the deeper aspects of your heart and gently reconnect you to your soul’s expanded consciousness.

These sessions are interactive, and will include any messages from Spirit that came through during the channeling.

Healing With the Angels

60 Minutes


It is believed that the constellation Lyra is home to a stellar gateway. This gateway is located at the grid point of the star Vega, the fifth brightest star in our sky.

This cosmic doorway enables highly evolved beings to enter our universe. We commonly identify these beings as Archangels.

During this beautiful energy healing service, you will be systematically cleansed by white light channeled from the energy grid of the earth.

I will play vibrational sounds, and do hands on energy healing, as you are connected to the Angelic Realm through the Lyran Star Gate, to be held in the light of the Angelic Ray’s of healing.

Transmissions From the Seven Sisters

60 Minutes


Did you know that when you wish upon a star your wish will come true? In this healing service, you be connected to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiadian constellation. These Seven Stars are known as Asterope, Taygeta, Maia, Celeano, Electra, Merope, and Alcyone.

Each Star correlates with one of the main seven chakras in our energetic body. I will play vibrational sounds, and do hands on energy healing, while you are held in the divine white- electric blue light of the Pleiadies Constellation; receiving a healing from each star in your 7 main chakras.

Energetic Chakra Balance

60 Minutes


Maintaining healthy chakras is important to our physical health, emotional stability, mental clarity, and our connection to Spirit.

During this chakra healing service, you will be held in the crystalline light of six clear quartz points gridded around your  body.

Seven chakra stones will be placed over the 7 main energy centers of your body.

One by one, each chakra will be filled with universal life force energy, enabling each energy center to become purified.

Afterwords, a clear quartz pendulum will be used over each chakra, drawing out any energy ready to be released as a result of this healing.

Reiki Healing

60 Minutes


Usui Reiki is a subtle, yet powerful energy healing modality that employs the use of symbols to channel universal life force energy.

During a Reiki healing session, I will channel divine energies to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master. For those who are interested in learning Reiki,  I offer one to one Usui Reiki attunements per request.

Releasing Limiting Feelings or Beliefs

60 Minutes


Many of us have limiting thoughts or beliefs that are stored deeply within our energetic bodies.

These beliefs can stem from experiences we had as children, or may even be ones that we have carried with us from previous incarnations.

During this service, which was inspired by a healing I received in the unseen realms of Spirit, we will discuss a limiting thought or belief you would like to let go of. I will sing channeled words as I use a crystal wand to extract and transmute this old belief into light.

Afterwords, the area within you that held the limiting feeling or belief will be filled with love, healing, and a positive affirmation that you can take with you in the days to come.

Healing With Mother Earth

60 Minutes


There is wellspring of unconditional love, nurturance, and healing that is held deeply within our Earth Mother. During this healing service, you will be deeply grounded, supported, and nurtured by Mother Earth.

As you relax more and more into the supporting arms of our Earth Mother, you will be connected to her wellspring of healing energy. Unconditional love will flow in you and through you- throughout all of your chakras, and up your central channel, nurturing your connection to Spirit.

Afterwords, the white light of Spirit will run down your central channel, and into our Mother Earth; replenishing her healing energy. A reminder that we can always find creative ways to give back to the Earth, who gives to us so unconditionally.

Past Life Regression

75 Minutes


The past and future can be accessed within the present. During this service, I will play vibrational sounds as you are lead through a past life regression.

Generally, the insights you will receive regarding a past life will be connected to a challenge you are currently facing in this lifetime.

Receiving insights into the past can help you gain a deeper understanding of the ‘root’ of the issue, or soul wound you are currently working on healing.

After the regression has ended, we will discuss the insights you received. I will then  guide you through an exercise to send healing to your past, which can impact the present and future.

Love Cupping Therapy

60 Minutes


Cupping Therapy increases circulation to the area of the body where the cups are placed. This allows more nutrients and blood to flow to that area, relieving muscle tension, releasing energetic blockages, and promoting cellular repair.

This cupping service uses a set of heart shaped Love Cups. These cups create a beautiful heart shaped cupping mark, rather than the traditional circular mark created by circular shaped cups.

During this service, I will play vibrational sounds to encourage the release of energetic blockages, enabling you to sink further into a state of relaxed bliss.

After the cups have been removed, I will do hands on energy healing to help restore your sense of wellbeing.