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Greetings Friends of Bella,
We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well during these uncertain times. If you’re like us, you are no doubt missing many of the activities that are no longer safe to enjoy. We are doing our best to make our services as safe as possible, and we have made some significant changes to our protocols to keep everyone healthy.
Our motto is Wellness is Beautiful – we are committed to this and have updated our entire menu to align with the current times.
Please visit our website to see what we are offering.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Ann, Tara and the Bella Team

MESSAGE US AT: bella@bellabodyworks.com or call us at:

4726 Cooper Ave, Lincoln


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The Bella Experience, Our Services, and Our Products

Experience Rejuvenation

At Bella Spa, let us take care of you. Bella has given special consideration to color, texture, light, music and aromatherapy to enhance the skin care treatment or massage of your choice. Every service is personalized based on your own needs, and our experienced professional skincare specialists and massage therapists help you feel relaxed and leave rejuvenated.

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Body Works

Our services are designed as therapeutic treatments, releasing stress and tension and helping you feel your best. From zero-balancing bodywork and energizing Thai massage to full body exfoliating treatments and age-defying facials, our treatments are healing, refreshing and support a deeper wellness.

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Handmade, Organic Products

Take the spa home with you. In addition to the skincare products we swear by, you can purchase our own handmade products. We use high quality organic raw ingredients including sea salts, flowers and herbs, coffee and essential oils. Bella Spa bath salts, scrubs and body butters also make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family. Handmade products are available seasonally.

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