Neuromuscular massage – Ways to prevent and stop body achiness.

The name sounds intimidating, but the results are anything but.

Our muscles often feel tight and our bodies ache for what seems like no reason. But the answer is in front of you – literally.

Many of us must work on our computers daily. Our muscles tighten, and our posture is poor. As tension builds in our bodies, we begin experiencing other pains: sore hands, and numb arms or legs. When our muscles have a build-up of tension, they usually lack blood and oxygen flow that can lead to muscle spasms. This tension can also put pressure on your nerves, which leads to achiness throughout the body.

Neuromuscular massages, also called trigger point myotherapy, pinpoint areas in your body where the build-up of tension occurs. These massages release lactic acid in your sore spots, allowing nourishment from blood flow and oxygen. Releasing tension, neuromuscular massages deeply relax your muscles, so your nerves can be relieved of pressure. The result is relief that lasts.

In terms of prevention, keep in mind how important body awareness is. Remind yourself throughout the day to focus on your body: straighten your back, release your shoulders, get up and move.

Lastly, our bodies carry the physical weight of our thoughts. It’s not always easy to be positive. Leave affirmations in places you will see, so you have no choice but to let in positivity. So the massage therapists at Bella Spa leave you with this:

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
–The Dalai Lama

Nurture your body, nurture others, and Be Well.