Inside and Out Body Treatments


Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalasso meaning “sea” uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and marine environment for your health and well-being.


Green Tea & Seaweed Wrap
Seaweed and Green Tea have long been valued as health champions. Here we combine them to create an exfoliating and nourishing skin treatment. After the exfoliating mixture has been applied, we wrap you up to soak in the natural minerals. You’ll be cocooned and extra relaxed with the help of a face and scalp massage. This treatment finishes with a warm towel rinse and essence of algae application.


Seaweed Rejuvenation
This treatment is perfect for those seeking skin firming and cellulite reduction. Dry brushing lightly exfoliates the skin, which enhances the absorption of the seaweed mixture we apply. A 30 minute sauna session with a face and scalp massage follows, then you’ll finish this naturally rejuvenating body treatment with a shower and algae mist.


NEW! The Bella Thermae — Heat, Cleanse, Rest
Detox and relax with this treatment featuring our brand new sauna! This is a self care ritual that begins with a deep sweat in volcanic clay for 15 to 20 minutes. Follow this with an exfoliating scrub in the shower. End with a 20 minute nap swaddled in comfort and privacy.


Book during March Self-Care Awareness Month and save 20%!

NEW!  30 minute sauna session.
Book the sauna before any service and reap the benefits of a deep, relaxing sweat and detox.  We provide all of the amenities for this self care ritual: detox tea, dry brushes, and bath products for a shower to after.


NEW! Basil Limonata Body Treatment
This brand new, ultra-soothing body treatment is spiked with refreshing basil, hints of mint, and a twist of lime! Featuring a hand-crafted scrub of pure sugar cane and white sand to buff away imperfections, a refreshing wrap of spearmint-infused aloe vera, and your choice of a skin-quenching basil lime massage or an express facial.


Be Well
Encourage elimination of toxins and stimulate circulation to boost the immune system. This therapy starts with a total body dry brushing followed by a massage with our anti-viral essential oil synergy and relaxing steam tent.


Café Limon
This is a detoxifying, exfoliating, tightening — and, yes, even slimming — treatment. We start out with dry brushing, then your body is enveloped in a special oil of espresso and lemon extracts, cocooning you for 20 minutes to penetrate every pore.


Spa Pedicure
Our pedicures are like a facial for your feet. We really take the time to exfoliate from your knees to your tiptoes using organic scrubs that rotate seasonally. A relaxing calf and foot massage eases tensions away and hydrates dry, cracked heels. Choose a vegan polish to complete the glam look.


Dead Sea Salt Glow
A professional full body exfoliation will make your skin feel smooth from head to toe. Bella’s own custom-blended essential oils mixed with sea salts are vigorously rubbed into the skin. After we rinse the salt away with warm towels and apply a deeply hydrating lotion, your skin will glow!


Add to any massage for only $65.00.

Bella Café Coffee and Sugar Scrub
Take the salt glow to the next level! This therapy reduces the appearance of cellulite, relieves water retention and gives the skin a healthy touch of color. We combine organic, fair trade coffee with organic Turbinado Sugar and vigorously rub the mixture into your skin. We let the natural oils sink into your skin, then we rinse the scrub with warm towels and apply moisturizing lotion.


Add to any massage for only $62.00.